Our Projects

Outreach Technology is proud to open source almost every project we work on under a BSD license.

To file bug reports on one of our open source projects, visit

All projects we maintain:

  • Aerial (Source) – Aerial is an application that was developed for Classtech so that they could more easily manage their part-timers who do room checks, the status of room checks, email professors based on building and room, get reporting on their classroom checks, and
    allow the Help Desk to dispatch Classtech technicians when something needs to be fixed.
  • BillboardCE (Source) – Billboard allows users to manage and display digital signage.
  • Classmate (Source) – Classmate handles registration for workshops and classes taught by OIT. Administrators can create workshops and then add instances of those workshops to the calendar.  Users can then sign up for said workshops.
  • Committee on Committees (Source Unavailable) – The Committee on Committees app generates a survey that allows faculty and staff to signup for assignment to one of the University Standing Committees.
  • Crosswalk (Source) – Crosswalk is a complex amalgamation of customizable tabs, customizable decision trees, alternative authentication, customizable reorderable reassignable tabs inside details views representing repair tickets, and more.
  • Cyclone (Source) – Cyclone is a management tool for managing various pieces of the NCSU residential network.
  • Groupr (Source) – Groupr groups people for use in iTunesU.
  • Kiosque (Source) – Kiosque allows users to manage and display digital kiosks.
  • MobileAPI (Source) – NCSU’s MobileAPI is used to provide data for mobile applications.
  • NC State Dining API (Source) – NC State Dining API is a subset of the MobileAPI. It is used to access dining menus and hours.
  • NCSU Mobile Website (No Source)- This website provides resources for campus units developing mobile applications.
  • OnCampus (Source) (No Source)- On Campus is a guide to life on campus at NC State University. On Campus has been designed to meet the needs of current and prospective students, faculty, staff, and visitors.
  • OT Framework (Source) – OT Framework is the foundation on which all of the OT web apps (except Timekeeper) are built upon.
  • OIT People (Source) – OIT People allows OIT employees to keep up with meetings and minutes, and it is used to find coworkers.
  • Remedy Web Client API shim (No Source) – This is a deprecated shim library providing API access to Remedy. Deprecated in favor of Remedy-vendor supported XML API.
  • Timekeeper (Source) – Timekeeper handles the management of part-timers’ schedules and time sheets, and it holds record of employee skill sets.
  • Web Registry (Source) – Web Registry is central Google resource management and continuity assurance tool for social media and other university resources.