Development Process

Since our little piece of the OIT infrastructure depends on many different units for things like funding and support, it is really important that we have our development processes clearly defined and supported by our management.

Developing a good process (and most importantly, abiding by it) can help all parties involved in the development of software. The client knows what is expected from the developers, the management knows where in the development cycle a project is, and developers have a clear roadmap to follow.

By having our process in place, we hope to prevent bad things from happening. Our process focuses on interaction between all aspects of a given project so that everyone is on the same page all the time.

Technology also plays a big role in helping with our development process, but we don’t want technology to determine our process. In other words, we don’t want to change the way we do things because a certain piece of software does it a different way. Some of the software we use to help with our process and our development work are GitHubZend StudioZend Framework, and mootools just to name a few.  These software packages help us through our defined process.